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Title SearchWhy Pay $80 - $150 per title search when we can give you the same info for as little as $35 per search!
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The title search process involves examining all documents recorded on public record that are filed against owners or a legal description of the desired property.

We provide Ownership & Encumbrance Reports, commonly called "pencil searches" by the industry, that are designed for the foreclosure investor interested in buying properties at auction. These O & E reports are also used by renters to ensure property being rented by a landlord is not involved in foreclosure proceedings. Homeowners use them as a "House Credit Report" to see what mortgages and other liens are filed against their property.

Our professional title examiner partners carefully search Tax Appraiser data, Tax Collector data, and the Clerk of Court’s Official Records for information related to the ownership and encumbrances of a property.

Literally hundreds of different types of documents are recorded on record, but not all of these documents affect the title or encumber a property. This is where our years abstracting experience comes into play!

  • Deed Information: We search from the prior owner forward and show the most recent deed in the chain of title.
  • Mortgage Information: We show all open mortgages encumbering the property from the current owner and list their assignments, modifications and other related documents.
  • Tax Information: We search back 3 years for tax history and show both current and delinquent tax information.
  • Foreclosure Auction Information: We provide copy of dockets and extended information on Foreclosure auctions with the county.

A local Title Search company you can trust!

When interested in investing in foreclosure properties, it is important to receive information that is valid and accurate. It's also critical you receive the information quickly, completely, and securely. Our title search company provides this service, and we are locally based in Florida. Use a title search company that is inexpensive, local, and one you can trust. Complete all your title searches with us today.

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We now offer title searches for:

All of Florida, Georgia, Maryland counties, and most major areas in Ohio, Massachusetts and limited coverage areas in Alabama, Arizona, Illinios Kentucky New Jersey Michigan, Missouri Washington, Nevada, New Mexico, New York & Washington.

Any State not listed can be completed for an additional fee.

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